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Harry Potter/Draco Chapter 1

There may or may not be a chapter 2
I am not responsible for my inaccuracies, do not complain if you don`t like what I do to a character. I am too lazy to bother really tying this in with the books. It is written for my own amusement.

Harry Potter sat on his bed at Privet Drive, looking listlessly out the window and waiting for Hedwig to return. He knew in the back of his mind that it could be days, and that even when she did return it might be without a reply, but still he sat and waited. There was nothing better to do anyway, why bother dealing with the Dursleys?

He didn`t realize he was drifting off to sleep until he started dreaming:

Yes. I will hear you out, but you cannot make me come back. You have never understood my feelings for you and you never will. I Will not hide them any longer, but I cannot be anyplace you are without being a part of your life. I wil never come back, not unless you are mine!

He read the letter over and over, at least ten times, before scribbling a hasty but passionate reply. His feelings were returned! The secret he had been carrying through all his days at Hogwarts was not his alone!

Gradually Harry awoke, and gradually he realized it was nothing more than a dream. He had no letter, and Hedwig was still gone.

For three days the cycle repeated itself, and during that time Harry ate only once. On the third night Hedwig returned with a slip of parchment tied to her leg. Slowly Harry unwound and read it, then read it once again. It was very similar to the one he had been dreaming about, as far as basics went. It told a story almost too clost to home. In it was a confession of deepest longing which had been desperately tucked away for 6 long years, only to burst out all out once in such dark times.

He cried for a long 15 minutes before sending a second letter of his own.

In the days that followed he thought of nothing but Draco, he didn`t even worry about Voldemort for more than a few minutes at a time, and just the summer before that had been his only thought. He wondered if Draco had ever really intended to kill Dumbledore, and decided that he couldn`t have. He knew that he must be a much softer person than he appeared to be, in fact, he decided, it must be hard for him considering the family. He probably lives a lie most of the time. Somehow the thought made him want him even more, and he tried to push it away, but it wouldn`t go.

In the end he wrote another longer letter and sent it by muggle post to Hermione. He supposed that she should be the first to know, normally he would tell Ron, but this particular secret was not one he was comfortable telling him yet. By September 1st maybe, but not yet.

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